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Written by Susan Grayson-Johnson   
Friday, 02 January 2009 11:59



It was a PERFECT Reunion weekend.  The sun was out all weekend.  The colors on the trees were breathtaking as you only find in New England.  The timing was perfect for a special Reunion and so it was.

We had many people join us that have never made it to a class reunion before. Dancing was not as much a priority to all as visiting but you could not tell that from  watching Elaine Harrington, Rosie Epstein, Helen Richards, Mary Rossi, Susan O'Brien and David Corcoran.  (Who knew David Corcoran was so at ease on the dance floor????)  Many people just wanted to catch up with their old classmates.  Lots of laughs and smiles and, as always, the evening flew by.  Many thought this Reunion was the best ever!




Larry Herman made the welcoming comments and they were heartfelt and touching.  Dick Egan then took the mike and really missed his calling at being a stand up comedian.  He left the group roaring with laughter.  Very funny man.  Hank Fleming spoke a bit about life with Sarge and in telling his story sounded so much like Sarge that it made my blood run cold.  The woman is still able to scare me to death!  What's up with that!  John Ferreer was a very welcome guest and told us about a life saving operation that was one of those miracles you only read in the newspapers.  We had a Trivia Contest and detentions were passed out for those that answered questions without raising their hands.  Yes, I received a detention. Thanks to Mike Quinn for supplying the original detentions that the student counselors handed out back in the old days.  Larry McNeil came from San Diego for the event and was glowing the entire evening.  About twenty of us met the night before the Reunion at the bar at the Marriott in Newton.  Rita Whitman was able to attend that evening but not the Reunion so it was fun to see her. Lots of happy people sharing an evening of fun.



I am getting tons of emails from people who just did not want the evening and the excitement to end.  There is a definite high that comes from these gatherings and it seems to last for days.  It was an opportunity to connect with people who knew us before the real world took over.  It was a time before spouses, children, grandchildren, careers and business trips.  It was life before emails and websites.  It was a time when we had our parents and all our siblings. Life after graduation was definitely more complicated and busy.  We grew and changed and blossomed but we did not forget our roots and that's what this Reunion was about, our roots.  It was about the kids next door that we knew thru our whole childhood. Our trip to NY. The illegal painting of  "64" of the chimney in the schoolyard that almost got graduation cancelled.  It was about bus trips to football games in the cold.  Dances on Saturday nights. Semi-formals. Graduation. It was about leaving to grow up and move on.


So, for those that could not be with us, be sure to check the website for pictures and maybe you can make it the next time around.  Even though you were unable to be with us, you were included in the many stories that made the rounds that evening.


Take a moment and go to our Guestbook page and sign in.  Say hi to all those folks that shared this special evening with you.  Say hi to those that could not make it.  Share your thoughts.


As Bob Hope used to say, "Thanks for the Memories!"

Much love,










SMA Class of 1964 45th High School Reunion was successfully held on Saturday, October 10, 2009 at the following:

American Legion Post 440


295 California Street

Cocktails 6PM

Newton, Massachusetts 02458

Buffet Dinner 7PM











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