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Written by Susan Grayson-Johnson   
Saturday, 03 January 2009 12:25


Many of you know that we have had very successful Class Reunions in the past.  For the people that were among the missing and we have recently located (thanks to the Internet), this is an evening not to be missed.  

Most of the same people have signed on to be on the Reunion Committee (which tells you we rarely draw blood) and many others wanted to be part of the fun this time around.  Some took more coaxing than others (I'm not mentioning any names but SHE is collecting the checks!) but that's ok.  The nuns taught us many things and persistence was certainly one of them so few former Reunion Committee members managed to escaped our clutches!


Let me tell you a bit about my own experience with these high school reunions.  I went to the my first meeting many years ago when the 20th was being planned at Larry Herman's house.   I drove together with Cynthia and I probably changed my clothes twenty-seven times before we left my house. (OK, so I exaggerate just a bit.) I was suddenly back in high school and nervous.  Who is this silly girl - I was grown woman, confident and able to hide all my insecurities well like most of the rest of the world.  Here they were popping out like pimples on a teenager's face before the big dance.  Larry's children answered the front doorl.  Perhaps, we had the wrong house and we could just drive home and go back to our safe little world.  Alas, that was not to be.  The minute Larry came to the door all nervousness totally disappeared.  His warm welcoming smile and hug reassured us that we had made the right decision in attending this meeting.  If I remember correctly, I re-met some very nice people at this gathering.  Could THEY have been nervous walking in the door - NEVER!  It was definitely just me.  

I then HAD to be part of the 25th Reunion and then before I knew it the years had flown by and John Carey's phone call came to Cynthia informing her that we had a 40th coming up soon. Was Cynthia going to do this without me - not a chance!  I tracked down Larry Herman and my old pal, Richard Landry and the rest is history.  By now, we all knew that being on this Committee was a trip and a half. (That's a good thing for those of you that have forgotten the lingo from the seventies.)

Step into my SMA Time Machine.

October 2004 

SMA 40th Reunion 

You could hardly hear yourself speak sometimes with all the laughter in the room.  Were these really all the same people we grew up with - yup, that's them.  The years have been good to all of us.  I am not referring to bald heads, weight gains, wrinkles, gray hair, etc because you may see that at first glance but it's that second glance that will steal your heart away.  It's when you see someone you barely recognize until they smile and their eyes light up and then it hits you - yeah, this is my old childhood friend.  This brings back a time when life was a bit safer and our parents and siblings were an essential part of our daily life. This is when all roads led to Hymie's, Central Square, the Gym, football games and Saturday night dances.  We were a very small group of teenage kids struggling to find our way - a few had their acts together in high school but for most, it took much longer. We were kids trying to be cool when we didn't have a clue what cool was.   Some of us went on to college, some found jobs right away, some married, some divorced, some stayed single and most of us survived it all.  We have a shared childhood. Fast forward many years later while at work or at home busy checking our emails and there it is -  an email and the subject was entitled "SMA Reunion" and it was immediately recognizable and we stopped doing five things at once and stared at the subject matter. Opening this email brought with it a lifetime of memories. Whew!  

Please join us for the 45th Reunion.  


Come prepared ------

to laugh until you cry.

to smile until your face hurts.  

to hope the evening lasts just a little bit longer than promised.

to be emotionally exhausted and distracted by wonderful memories for days to come.

to say goodbye at the end of the evening with more emotion for an old classmate than you ever thought possible.  

to take the memory of this special evening with you for a long time to come -----  or until you get that NEXT "SMA Reunion" email.  










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