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Written by Susan Grayson-Johnson   
Friday, 09 January 2009 21:35



 What do M&M's do'? 

 What helps build strong bodies 12 ways?  

"You'll wonder where the yellow went,    _________     "

"Who's the Leader of the Club that's made for you and me, _______

"Goin' to the Chapel and we're ________" 

 "Every morning, at the mine, you could see him arrive. He stood six foot six, weighed 245.

Kinda' broad at the shoulder, and narrow at the hip; and everyone knew you didn't give him no lip."

I found my thrill, ____." 

 "Liar, liar,____  _____  ____ "

 "Come on baby, let's do the ___"  



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