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Written by Susan Grayson-Johnson   
Saturday, 17 October 2009 16:16
It was a delightful surprise to receive an email from one of our favorite faculty members, Sr. Anne St. Hugh (SASH) who is now Sr. Anne Stevenson ----   and, YES, she knew that was her nickname!
Enjoy reading this and send her off an email.  She'd love to hear from you.

Dear Reunion Committee of SMA 1964,

You were my first class at SMA.  I have all kinds of memories of ALL of
you!  I congratulate this committee because I heard that you had a great
reunion.  I heard about it yesterday when Larry McNeil visited me at
Ipswich, where I work.  He did try to reach me before the reunion also,
but I was in San Francisco last week for a meeting of communicators of
religious congregations.  You can tell from my e-mail that I am NOT
retired, even though many of you may be!   I am so sorry that I could not
get to your reunion.  I would have loved seeing you all and finding out
about you and your lives during all these 45 years. 

I am sending this message to the committee in hopes that I might be able
to send a message to all the class and be able to pray for those that have
gone to God!  Larry McNeil brought the wishes from many of you when he
appeared, by surprise, at the front door of our huge convent in Ipswich. 
I do not live here but work for the entire congregation of SNDs, on the
other side of this huge building.   I was so delighted to spend time with
Larry to learn a little about him and other members of your class.   

Please let me know if there is any way that I will able to contact other
members of your class.  I hear frequently from the class of 1965 and see
some of them often.   Many of you on the committee were my HOME ROOM 101
and I believe that I taught all of you in the class of 1964! You were
quite a class! I have had many great experiences in my life.  Some of my
happiest memories go back to SMA!   I do remember ALL of you!!!  I see
your faces as they were from 1960 to 1964!   It was a great school.  I
feel privileged to have been on the faculty there and to have taught you

I will be happy to hear from any of you!

Lovingly in Notre Dame and with prayer,
Sister Anne St. Hugh (SASH) or now Sr. Anne Stevenson
Sister Anne Stevenson, SNDdeN
Director of Communications
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
Congregational Mission Office
30 Jeffreys Neck Road
Ipswich, MA 01938-1308
978-356-2159 x14
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