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Written by Susan Grayson-Johnson   
Tuesday, 29 March 2011 18:03

Dear Classmates,

Unfortunately, I have not been very good about keeping up with this website.  Please forgive - sometimes, I’m a lot worse. 


Terri DeChristoforo hosted a wonderful SMA lunch held in Burlington this past October.  (I promised Terri that I would get pics on the website of this lunch and haven’t got to that as yet either.  Somebody really ought to fire me!) She certainly has the magic touch.  We had more people than ever attend and it was a great time.  She actually reminded me of Auntie Mame!  She looked beautiful and she was making sure everyone was feeling welcomed. She was “flitting” around.  What was especially fun was that some SMA’ers from other graduating classes also joined us, some new faces from our own class as well as two of our favorite nuns.  That made me think that we should open up the next Reunion to people from other SMA graduating classes or our Cambridge friends/siblings from “PUBLIC” (yes, I said it) school. If you have the names/email addresses for anyone you might like to be included in the reunion updates, let me know.  I will only sell this email list if I am desperate!!!  (These are the jokes, folks.)

I heard from a woman who is the Chair for the SMA Class of 1960.  This woman works magic pulling their Reunions together.  I swear she could walk on water if she put her mind to it.  Her name is Francine Mello (a sister in law to our classmate, Jackie Mello). She has been most generous sharing her suggestions/ideas so I do plan to take her up on her offer to help out.  You may be thinking “What’s wrong with you Grayson - you haven’t got these Reunion plans down to a science by now.”  Well, unfortunately not and the reason is MONEY!!!  Of course, isn’t everything about money.  Here’s the deal.  We have always tried very hard to keep the costs of these Reunions down.  When the next one rolls around, it will be impossible to keep the costs under $100 per person or more. (Please note you are being told this FAR in advance so you can plan accordingly if you choose to attend and know we are doing our very best.) After all, we do live in the Boston area and we do have to deal with vendors in this area.  We have tossed around the idea of hosting a lunch instead of a dinner party.  Truth is, most people will not book a flight and stay in a hotel for a lunch which I totally understand in spite of all the wit and charm of our classmates.  We thought about a Friday night function instead of Saturday night but that also makes it difficult for those still working and living out of state.  So, I guess a safe assumption will be that we will keep to the same weekend (Columbus Day Weekend 2014) and plan something nice since this is the FINAL Reunion. Yes, I did say FINAL!  Hopefully, I can get a few people to sign on to the Committee and help plan a fun weekend.  That intimidation will follow at a later date.

For those of you not living in the Boston area, we have been hard hit with a horrendous winter this year. I have always thought that no one welcomes spring like a New Englander!  This year will certainly prove that true.  I have loved hearing from those of you that surprise me with an unexpected phone call or email.  Always fun to catch up. We have all have chosen different paths in our lives but something about SMA keeps us tied together, heart to heart.  The rest of the world does a good job of adding stress to our lives.  The economy has certainly contributed to that.  That Reunion weekend manages to give us a little break and gives us a great opportunity to laugh and  sit back and relax.  Somehow these connections allow us to take time to really remember our parents, our teachers and our friends and meet a few people that we never got to know back in the old days.  I realize Reunions are not always easy on people but once you get that first smile returned to you, you are in for a treat.  People you never had an opportunity to know as a kid, turn out to be one of the nicest, most compassionate people you could know.  Everyone did not take the same road in life and it is nice to talk to people who had a different life experience than you.  So, give this some thought and join us for the FINAL Reunion.  It’s fun.  It’s easy and it may just be the break from real life that you need.

So, please keep in touch.  Love hearing from you. 

Be well, be happy and be safe  ---  Until we meet again!



“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”
Eleanor Roosevelt