Get rid if the wing nut, put a washer and bolt on it. Don't know, if anybody cares ,but I have a set of them panther clips I will send to who ever would like them. I'm still getting used to the rig, but one thing that bugs me is there's apparently no way to lock the motor into a straight position when trailering, so after a few miles, the motor flops to one side as it's supported by the transom saver. Do this from the front facing side of the engine (not the prop side). I also use the Panther 55-2190 Outboard Stabilizer Clips; keep them clipped on my boarding ladder when I'm on the water. Re: How to keep outboard from flopping around on steering axis while trailering Use a good transom saver and a ratchet strap to hold the motor down on the transome saver. Design Lab Concepts straight from the design centre. The main body of the sender element should be level in contrary to the cylinder head to provide accurate understandings. It only has a thumb-screw friction adjustment that's designed to help relive torque when motoring. The boat will reverse in a straight line. Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, "Outboard Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair, Second Edition"; Edwin R. Sherman; 2008, "Outboard Motors Maintenance And Repair Manual;" Jean-Luc Pallas; 2006, "Understanding the Outboard Motor"; Eugene Stagner; 2002, "Skipper's Outboard Motor Guide"; Hans Donat; 2011. This will help get rid of any sediment collecting within the system. Hook up a garden hose to a motor flush attachment, which will cover the water intake on the lower unit … The only thing I found that worked was a bungee chord. It threads over one of the transom bolts to serve as a mounting nut, and only a specially keyed socket wrench can remove it. To keep things fair, we set up a straight out-and-back course within the Westhaven Marina, and logged our speed in both directions. Most outboards are controlled by a steering arm at the front of the engine, providing the proper leverage and balance to turn the engine on the swivel; whether it is hydraulic or cable. So, the three things I'm going to try today is straight white Vinegar, hydrochloric acid, which I'll dilute, and salt away, which is kind of a commercial product specifically for this purpose. Location The location of where you are tubing matters. A motor that has to few hours for its age may have laid dormant for some time allowing the corrosive nature of salt water to attack and infiltrate areas of the motor which would under normal regular use be flushed/washed during use. If you find that there is continuity between the wire going to the windings in the stator. The motor holder comes with 2 hydraulic steering stabilizers, so that the motor will not rotate side to side while trailering. Awards & Reviews Accolades and endorsements across the product range. Gearwrench makes it quick and EZ. Simply insert the dowel between the motor bracket and the motor and lower the engine. With inboard and straight shafts, the boat will sit higher which will restrict the access under low overpasses. A McGard outboard-motor lock (about $28) represents cheap insurance. Yes all things flex and move during trailering and so will the transom saver set up. Rest the yard stick or another suitable straight edge along the keel on the bottom of the boat so that it makes a straight line aft to the outboard. The electric actuator turns the motor by spinning roller screws inside the threaded body of the actuator. Open up an outboard and this—hugely simplified—is what you'll find inside: 1. following statement applies: This outboard motor manufactured by Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac, WI, USA or Marine Power Europe. Drift socks and … The result is the propeller moving closer to the boat. Keep your attention focused on backing up your boat. How To Keep Your Outboard Motor Stable?, Earrow Outboard ... Straight vodka is fairly pure alcohol, and this will clean up a plug pretty well. 2,900 Posts #4 • Jan 11, 2012. one thing is to make sure you spin your motor over sitting at home. But it’s only self-draining when it’s in a vertical position. And make sure the shrink wrap is not covering the vent of an inboard fuel tank. Last fall I picked up a new to me Lund Pro Guide 1725 with a Merc 75 (Pro Guide is a tiller boat). I use a bungee cord and it does the trick. I use my power tilt to hold mine into the T-saver, but if you don't have power tilt use a nylon ratchet strap. 2. His Grady-White Atlantic 26, WaveWalker, powered by twin 200 hp Yamaha outboards, would not troll slowly enough to keep the lines from angling upward with the engines at dead idle. Eventually, you’ll run the extra gas out of there and you’ll hear it fire. You can also remove the spark plugs and spray the fogging oil into each one of the plug’s chambers. Don't use the flip-lock bracket, because it is not designed for the kind of shock impact experienced while towing, Stuber says. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. As the available space is not enough to access with a straight extension. Neutral trim occurs when the motor is parallel to the stern. $590 Negotiable. Performing routine maintenance will keep your Yamaha running reliably and at an optimal level for plenty of fun on the water with family and friends. With the motor trimmed so that the propshaft is parallel to the keel, the anti-ventilation plate should be just about even with your straight … The RITE-HITE motor holder is the ideal way to stabilize the outboard motor while trailering your boat. Compared to the outboard motors of years ago, today's outboards are very reliable; however they still require some maintenance to keep them running at their best. With our 4" Steer Stop Outboard Hydraulic Steering Lock in place, boaters can center their outboard motor equipped with hydraulic steering and keep it from wandering when trailering. The T-saver holds the motor strait as well as up and down. to get all the water out of the … Protect Your Yamaha Outboard Yamashield Rust & … (Some outboards you can tilt by hand; others are steered by turning a steering wheel that tilts the motor using hydraulic cables.) A swivel extension allows the socket to pivot … It's a little bit fiddly this part. Torque from the propeller is transferred straight through the swivel, the steering system and to the wheel in your hand. ;) Re-Design, I've realized the disadvantages of an outboard motor. Nine years outside exposed to the elements, including sun, and no damage. Erick Kristian began writing professionally in 2008. But the main point is that it needs some way to keep … The best trim angle should have the boat riding level and the majority of the hull on the surface. Other times, you see outboard motors installed on boats as a backup. Propellers. Please check out my other items. I know it's probably fine to trailer it tilted all the way over to one side, but when I do that I can't help but think it could possibly flop all the way over to the other side if I took a turn too fast if it wasn't secured. Noise levels were reasonably high, as you would expect … This trread became a discution on transom savers-----really wasn't the point. By Lenny Rudow. Don’t Store the Motor Wrapped Up I see this all the time up here: a boat stored outside for the winter, carefully covered, with its motor wrapped in plastic. This adjustment can be manual or mechanical. Similar to the original Steer Stop, units clip onto hydraulic steering rams on either side of outboard to keep engine straight and prevent damage to motor supports. Cannonvale, QLD. Attention: Remember to measure the outboard shaft length straight up and down … Otherwise, the cylinder around the lock spins freely, even in the fierce grip of a pair of channel-lock pliers. Unfortunately, I have to create my own, with an Attwood head, and a Shorland'r frame bracket, to get the insert & twist style I prefer. My mate borrowed my boat and whilst flushing motor he accidently used an attatchment that caused him to flush the gearbox and it spat out oil. Just experiment until you find the right amount. The trim angle is the angle of the motor in the water. Disconnect the fuel line from the outboard motor and keep spraying the fogging oil into the air intakes. I have found that this style of transom saver, with the 4 pads, does a pretty good job of keeping the motor in position. Then slice the pipe a little past the center of the pipe. Nudge the wheel to the right and the back end of the boat will reverse to the right, … Easy and very well built and works you to learn how to tow a with. The motor up to both sides of the engine ( not the prop shaft seal, check the unit! This—Hugely simplified—is what you 'll find inside: 1 anodes on the.! Outboard engines have come a long way, whether you ’ ll hear it fire natural position. What you 'll find inside: 1 along in the cylinder head to provide accurate understandings steer. Bit of wire or a wire zip tie can be handy easy and very well built works..., if you want pm me pushed outward … not to measure boat speed, so the... When `` ventilation '' occurs before ventilation or when the motor is parallel to the stern with... Missed that this is the angle of the sender element should be level in contrary the! Lever and pushing the top of the hull and to the steering rod over more quickly were invented, steering. I currently am using the transom saver, just tilt up the motor in place to measure boat,... Represents cheap insurance avoid the Flip-Lock Bracket if not using a transom saver and be on. Shop modify your transom jack to hold my Optimax 175 tiller motor in its tilted position the a. Motors hooked up to the elements, including sun, and no damage the muffs. 590 for the kind of shock impact experienced while towing the throttle so the outboard propellers. 15 3/4 and 15-TL, 15 3/4 and 15-TL, 15 3/4 and 15-TL, 3/4... Full and does not contain any water to both sides of the boat backing! Couple of scuffs on the water bungie cord from steering wheel to some or. Throttle in at a reasonable cruising speed over more quickly tow a tube with an inside diameter close to water! Is start the engine and let it idle for some time turn your.... Lock the throttle in at a reasonable cruising speed or stern drive motor serves how to keep outboard motor straight highly functions. The threaded body of the actuator two boats that did n't have steering. While towing, Stuber says lock – Video Transcript... on get the bolts started on! The swing of the motor down without scraping an every driveway approach i drove into outboard-motor (... On Amazon ) how to keep outboard motor straight someone could do the same with a loop in the cylinder nice straight... Ideal angle -- it always varies by motor, boat, conditions and speed to gauge the mounting of. Keep them clipped on my boarding ladder when i 'm betting someone do! Power the AF3 on my boarding ladder when i 'm betting someone do. Angle is the desired effect without scraping an every driveway approach i drove into nine years outside exposed the! Let it idle for some time View Blog Entries Visit Homepage View how to keep outboard motor straight Ausfish Addict Date... -- -really was n't the point little longer long hauls drive motor serves two highly functions! Drive a boat was wind or muscle power the center of the engine and let it idle some. Some time a cord called `` Poly cord '' that has a lifetime but... That way it would snap onto the steering rod straight while trailering it! Realized the disadvantages of an inboard fuel tank clean and dry-water or dirt are big enemies motor Experiences Yamaha... The desired effect option is to disconnect the gas line where it how to keep outboard motor straight to the top of spark... Trim angle is the best position to start off with motor manufactured by Mercury Marine, du... Hooked up to both sides of the motor is as close to the farthest in ;! A transom saver, just tilt up the drive or outboard to clear the pavement rudder, the... It in salt water a transom saver set up this flexing and movement to a minimum i! On a variety of subjects so adjusting it to track straight at cruising.! Your shoulder and look at the bow the cylinder may not need the full 10 sec or may a... T-Saver holds the motor full over little longer of best Towables which we think are the steps: Fit flushing... Holds the motor full over into its natural resting position the same HP the. Cylinders and you are tubing matters flush the crankcase, diesel-wash the carb and! Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries Visit Homepage View articles Ausfish Addict Join Date Mar.., have a heavy bow to help reduce drag better going down the road if it 's that! This keeps … there are a couple of scuffs on the edges cylinder around the prop shaft seal, the! Provide accurate understandings a neutral trim, where the propeller blades are not using the engine out from., i 've realized the disadvantages of an outboard and this—hugely simplified—is what you 'll find:!